Tuesday, December 30, 2008

*~*~ For Sale ~*~*

I thought that maybe it would be a good idea to make a post on here about the items that I am selling from our wedding. If you or anyone you know might be interested in these items, please direct them to this site.

I am really hoping to find someone that will have a great use for these items, even if it isn't for a wedding, everything is so pretty and I know that there is someone that could use all of it. All of the items are in great shape, even the candles are in great shape, someone could use them again and no one would realize that they were burnt once before.

Here is what I have and what I am looking to get out of them, but if you are interested, let me know, we can work out a deal.

6 Birch Branch Centerpieces $ 20 each / $ 100 set (set includes the extra hanging votives and tealights)
each centerpiece includes: 5 hanging glass votives and a battery powered flickering tea light candle along with cascading, silver disk, "strings" (made out of strong plastic)

14 Ivory Candles with a Green "Grape" candle ring and a 3" glass plate $ 4.50 each / $ 57 set
The candles are 3" Ivory, Unscented pillars and are only slightly burnt

5 Moss/Olive Green Candles with a Champagne "Grape" candle ring and a 3" glass plate $ 6 each / $ 27 set
The candles are 3" Honeydew Melon pillars and are only slightly burnt

14 Ivory & Pearl Pew Bows $ 15 - for all Ivory Pew Bows
Made of Sheer Ivory Wire edge ribbon, ivory tulle and ivory pearls, approx 24" top to bottom. Wire attached to hang bows
2 Ivory Pew Bows
Made of Sheer Ivory Wire edge ribbon and ivory tulle, approx 24" top to bottom. Wire attached to hang bows

6 Ivory & Olive Bows $5 - for all Ivory/Olive Bows
Made of Sheer Olive Wire edge ribbon and ivory tulle, approx 8" bow. Wire attached to hang bows.
2 Ivory & Olive Bows with hanging tulle
Made of Metallic Olive Wire edge ribbon and ivory tulle, approx 8" bow. A separate tulle "tails" is included. Can be put together. Wire attached to hang bows

2 pks Chocolate Brown napkins $ 3 - for both
24 in a pack, 16 3/4" x 16 3/4" unfolded

12 Sheer Chocolate Panels $ 2 each / $ 20 set
each panel is 28" x 3 yds

1 box 30 Pearlized tea lights in a plastic cup $ 8

4 pks Tablecover clips $ 1 each
6 clips in a pack

3 pks Ivory, Unscented Votive candles $ 4 each
24 candles per pack (one pack open, but has all the candles)

8 - 3" glass plates $ .50 each / $ 3 set
perfect to use under pillar candles

2 - 3" Champagne "Grape" Candle Rings $ 2 each

1 roll Moss Green McGinley Satin ribbon, 100 yards $ 15
2" wide roll, never used, 100% acetate

--------- For All Items as a set ---------
$ 200

You can contact me with any questions by emailing me: Rachel

Let me know if you are interested in any of these items.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Part 5 - Wedding Photographs by Joanna

This is the last "chapter" of the pictures from our wedding. I hope that you have enjoyed all of them. You are welcome to leave me any comments about them, just by clicking comments at the bottom of this post.

Here it is:

Have a Happy New Year, if I don't post again before then.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Part 4 - Wedding Photographs by Joanna

Here is the 4th in the "series" of the Wedding Pictures by Joanna.
I hope that you all enjoy them. I have truly enjoyed looked at all the pictures.

Talk to you soon,

Part 3 - Wedding Photographs by Joanna

Sorry, I forgot to post a slideshow yesterday. Here is the 3rd chapter.

I hope that you had a very Merry Christmas! I had a very nice Christmas!


Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Part 2 - Wedding Pictures by Joanna

I hope that you enjoyed the first slideshow of pictures.

They just keep getting better. : )

I will continue to post the next 3 slideshows over the next 3 days.
Yet again, Have a very Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Now Showing... Wedding Pictures [Part 1] By Joanna

I will post the wedding pictures by Joanna over the next few days. I will post them in 5 separate sideshows.

If you want to see them even larger, just click on the image and it will bring you to my Picasa web album. You can look at them there.

I hope that you all enjoy them as much as we have.


Thursday, December 18, 2008

Merry Christmas

We just wanted to wish all of you a very Merry Christmas!
(Do you like our Christmas colored monogram, it's the one from the wedding. I just love it so much I might have to keep using. I told Jeremy that it can be OUR logo.)
It is hard to believe that Christmas is only one week away. The time has just flown by. It is already our 2 month anniversary. It has been a very fun & busy first couple of months of married life.

I've had lots of people ask me "So how's married life treating you?" It's that infamous questions that follows "How are the wedding plans coming along?" and precedes "When are you going to have a baby?" But to answer every-ones questions, it has been wonderful. It is so nice to be married to your best friend. I enjoy spending every minute with Jeremy that I can. We have both been very busy since the wedding (I work part-time at a toy store & he is always messing with something) so there are many evening that we don't see each other until 8:30 or 9:30 at night. I guess I haven't gotten tired of him yet, as everyone has warned me will eventually happen. I hope that isn't ever the case, but I'm sure we will have moments were we need space.

Jeremy just bought us a new car on Tuesday. It is so nice, I am loving it. My car was getting "old" and I was really in the mood for something newer. Then we had a terrible mishap with an oil change (a whole other story) that forced us to have to get a new car even sooner. But it worked out for the best. We now have a nice white 2008 Chevy Impala. I love love love it. Jeremy loves it too.

I talked with Joanna (our wedding photographer) and she put our pictures in the mail on Tuesday, so depending on how busy the post office is, we should have our pictures within the next day or so. I am keeping my fingers crossed that I get them tomorrow. It would be perfect timing and we could check all of them out over the weekend. Plus I know my family is really anxious to see them. I will be sure to post them up once I have them. Joanna shared with me that she sent me 5 disks that were full of pictures, over double what she has from most weddings. What can I say, she just absolutely loved our wedding. : )
I suppose that is all for now. I will hopefully be back soon with a posting of our wedding pictures. Until then, be careful while you're out and about and enjoy the season.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Tyler Matthew

Here are the pictures of the newest little guy:

He's the cutest!
Jeremy holding Tyler

It's my turn. :)

Have a great Day!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

More Pictures to share...

I hope that you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I know I did. It's my favorite and the food is always amazing.

I have some more snapshots, from guests at the wedding, that I wanted to share with you. I hope that you have been enjoying the little "teasers" until our professional photos are back to us.
I'm counting down, only 11 more days until she said she was hoping to be done with our wedding pictures.

One other thing, I became an Aunt for the 7th time on Sunday. Jeremy's sister Susan (she was the one with the adorable belly in the wedding party) had her little boy on Sunday. He came earlier than she planned, but it was still perfect timing. I will post pictures of the little cutie tomorrow. His name is Tyler Matther and he weighed in at 8lbs. 2 1/2 oz. and 20" long (or right about that).
It's crazy, I've only been in the family for a little over a month and I'm already an Aunt for the 7th time, this is pretty neat. I love having nephews and a niece (yeah, there is only one girl - poor thing!)

Have a great week. Maybe the next time you hear from me, I'll have our professional wedding pictures to share.

Have fun planning your Christmas celebrations!