Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Wedding Flowers & Décor

Well my mission of finding flowers for the bridesmaid’s bouquets went very successful. After some disappointment, Amy happened to come across a pre-made bouquet that was almost exactly what I was looking for. It was a little small, but we used it as our sample and searched the store for flowers to make my own bouquets. I also added a little extra to make the bouquets a little more elegant and colorful. (I haven’t made them yet, but they will look amazing.)

I also found some awesome candle rings that I will use on the wedding tables. They will look so nice with an ivory pillar candle.

I found the same candle rings in a different color to use for the head table. They look like a champagne color in person. I haven’t decided if I will use ivory candles for these candle rings or if I will use another color. I will decide that later.

I am really starting to get excited now that I can start to visualize the reception décor. It really helps that I can use the “blueprint” from the hall to determine where all the decorations will go.

This Saturday Jeremy and I are going to meet with the lady from the hall. This will really help us see how people decorate for their weddings, since the hall will be set up for another wedding. Then we can get an even better idea for layout and what kind other things we can decorate and where to hang a sign and so much more. It will really help me picture how everything will come together.

Well as of today, there are 6 months and 10 days until the wedding. It can’t come fast enough. It seems like forever ago that Jeremy and I got engaged, yet it seems like just yesterday. I am sure that the time will go fast, but I am just really starting to get excited about how everything will come together and most importantly to see Jeremy on our wedding day. The day that we will finally be together forever, finally married. I think that will be the happiest day of my life.

Planning is going very well. I have had a lot of people ask me if things were getting stressful yet, and I have to say no. Things are actually going really well. I still think that some people are having a hard time “seeing my vision” but if they just trust me, it will all come together beautifully. Jeremy and I are doing things a little different than most people might do and I think that that has the tendency to make people a little unsure, but I think that they will look back and agree that it was great and that everything worked out just perfect.

So for now, I am just going to continue thinking of more wedding details but most of all enjoying this lovely spring weather. I was starting to hate the cold.


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