Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Dress Shopping

This past Friday I made my first appointment to look for wedding dresses. I invited the bridesmaids, my mom and Jeremy’s mom to join us. It was rather overwhelming when I first walked in and looked at the room full of bridal gowns. You start to ask yourself, “Where do you begin?” It was fun though; we just started pulling things that seemed to match what I liked. Before long there was a dressing room full of dresses. I started to try on the different styles and look for the reactions of everyone. There was one particular dress that everyone loved, but I just wasn’t thrilled about. It was a little poofier than I wanted and it had the gathered material in the back, so many people have done dresses like that lately, I just wanted to stay away from that. After trying on a dozen or so dresses I found the dress I loved. It was beautiful! It was a fitted style like I was looking for, but will a little fullness at the bottom. The bodice was covered with silver beading that went across the chest and back to the left hip. It has a low v-back, which makes it look very elegant. Then I put the veil on. I wanted a longer veil, this one goes to about the back of the thigh and I plan on attaching it at the bottom of my head. The veil is beautiful, it matches the dress perfectly, and you would have thought that they were made to go together. I am so excited to wear the dress; this makes me so antsy for October to get here.

We were also able to find our bridesmaid dresses. They are a champagne color and will have a chocolate brown sash around the waist. (The picture shows a different color sash.) Unfortunately I was unable to find the color green that I really wanted, so we are going to compromise and have the girls carry green bouquets. I think that the dresses are really elegant; I know all of the girls will look beautiful in them.

I was also able to get an idea of what the guys tuxes will look like. They will all wear chocolate brown tuxes. Jeremy will wear an ivory colored vest and tie while all the groomsmen wear green vests and ties. So our green color will be tied in with everything.

Here is a vague idea of what everyone will look like the day of the wedding, just picture the guys in green vest not this blue color. It is bound to look beautiful.

We have also begun to accomplish allot of the beginning planning. We have a hall, church, cook, piano player and attire picked out. We are making the final decisions on a dj and photographer, which should be decided by the end of this week.

Current Tasks being Worked on:

Booking a DJ
  • Finding a Photographer
  • Reserving our Officiant(s)
  • Cake Ideas
  • If anyone as any suggestions for any of these topics, feel free to leave a comment.

    Thanks Again ~ Rachel

    Wednesday, March 19, 2008

    Some Wedding Ideas

    Well the wedding planning has begun. Granted, I knew in advance about our wedding date, so I was able to start looking for ideas before we got engaged, that has been a big help.

    Our wedding colors are going to be shades or Brown, Green, Tan and Ivory.
    Here are some swatches: I like these colors for fall much better than the traditional red, orange and yellow. I am excited to see everything come together.

    Here are some ideas I have found for bridesmaid dress. I still have to find my dress, but once I find my dress than we will conquer the bridesmaid dresses. This picture is what I am thinking of for the colors of the dresses, not necessarily the style.

    My plans for the decorations at the wedding are to use brown table linens and run a wide green ribbon down the center of the tables. I am thinking of using allot of votive candles and some flowers, branches and river rocks. I really like the natural and earthy feel and I think that it will really look nice but still be simple. Here is an inspiration picture that shows where some of my ideas have come from.

    For now, that is all that I have to share. Once more things are decided, I will be sure to share that info with you. I hope that you enjoy "seeing" our wedding come together.

    Current Tasks being Worked on:

    • Booking the cook

    • Finding a DJ

    • Finding a Photographer

    • Start Wedding Dress shopping

    If you have any suggestions for any of these tasks, feel free to leave a comment.

    I want to wish everyone a Very Happy Easter!

    Tuesday, March 18, 2008

    Our Engagement Story

    I'm not sure where to begin... Jeremy decided after much anticipation that Monday March 17, otherwise known as St. Patrick's Day, would be the day that he would finally propose. Our engagement wasn't anything extreme, but it was totally unexpected. So Jeremy was able to get his wish of surprising me.

    How it happened, we had gone to my apartment after eating dinner at his house. There really wasn't much to do, so we just sort of sat around and watched a little TV. Earlier I had thrown some laundry into the washer and after the laundry was done I went to hang up some of the clothes to dry. After doing that, I went downstairs and I was going to sit down beside Jeremy, when he suddenly raised his hand, holding a ring, and said "Happy Saint Patrick's Day! Would you want to get hitched?" (I know, it was really romantic, but you just have to know Jeremy. I wouldn't have expected anything big and extravagant.) Of course I said Yes!

    After that we went to visit my family and then Jeremy’s family. Everyone was surprised, happy and relieved that it finally happened, including me.

    So with our wedding date set to October 18, 2008, we have 7 months, to the day, to plan. Now comes the craziness, I’m sure it will all be so much fun, crazy, but fun!

    Enjoy the pictures of the ring:

    Tuesday, March 4, 2008

    How we met

    As told by Rachel:
    The story of how we met is rather interesting. I believe a 'Thank You' is in order for Amy G. She was the first person that had ever told me about him. However, she wasn't telling me about him, you see, Amy really liked him. I was finally introduced to Jeremy at a New Year's Eve party in 2001. I didn't meet Jeremy again until one of my other friends introduced me to him, in February. I still wasn't making the connection that this was “the Jeremy” I had heard so much about from Amy. I really felt a strong connection to Jeremy. He had invited my friend Steph and me to his graduation party, even though it wasn't for a few months yet. So he wrote down his address and phone number on a piece of paper and promised that we would be invited. Once I had made the connection with who this Jeremy was, I immediately told myself that I couldn't like this guy. I held back those feelings for a little while, although I would run into him on the weekend and hang out with him at both of our high school proms. Finally, around the time Jeremy had graduated from high school, I couldn't hold back anymore. There was something about him that had drawn me to him.
    One Saturday afternoon, the phone rang, I answered it and there was a guy on the phone asking for me. It was Jeremy, I did all I could to compose myself while I was on the phone, he asked if I would like to go with him to a graduation party that a friend of ours was having. Of course I agreed, not only because I could go with him, but I knew my way around Celina, unlike him.
    That summer was the best summer of my life. We went to all the local picnics and festivals together and spent allot of time with our friends. Finally, after 'a good talkin' to' from my friend Brooke, Jeremy worked up the courage to ask me out. That was the night of June 23, 2002. On our wedding day, we will have been together for 6 Years, 3 Months, 3 Weeks & 4 Days. (Those of you who know me really well, know that I am very obsessive about numbers and dates.)