Saturday, May 31, 2008

House Pictures

I told you that I would post pictures of the house as soon as I got some.

Today Jeremy & I were able to stop at the house today to look through it with his parents and brother.

From the pictures you will notice that there is still allot to be cleaned out. The house is still pretty packed with stuff, so hopefully it won't be long before they get everything cleaned out. So please disregard the clutter in the pictures.

Entry: The front door from the top of the stairs

Kitchen & Dining Room: To the Right, once you come up stairs. There is a door out to the front of the porch.

Kitchen: The "cozy" kitchen. You have a lot of cupboard space and the most important... a dishwasher!

Front Yard & Drive of the property, from the dining room window.

Front of the house: As you can see, the trees are sort of overtaking the front of the house. They will probably go away. The garage is in the downstairs/basement/lower level. There is a door out the dining room from the upstairs.

Yard & Pasture: Well this will be the pasture, but right now there are beans in the pasture. The owners leased out the field and pasture to a farmer. Hopefully we can get this worked out so that after the beans come off, we will be able to get it seeded with grass.

Computer Room & Sun Room: This is from the hallway, but the dark room is a computer room, there is a built in desk on the right side of the room. Just past the computer room is the Sun Room.Sun Room: The sun room is pretty nice area to just sit in and look out the back yard. The horses will be back there for awhile, until we can get our pasture reseeded.

Family Room: This is downstairs/ground level (this is going to be the most confusing part of this home, is the downstairs considered a basement or what do you call it. Anyway, the room is huge and has a "self" all the way around the room. The wall is actually built out further, making this shelf.

Family Room: Same thing, just a different angle, the room is at the bottom of the steps when you come down.

Storage/Utility Room: Isn't it lovely - just a typical storage area. There is a bedroom just off of this room. However, that is something that could maybe be switch around so that whoever has that room doesn't have to go through the lovely storage room every time they go to bed. This room is just to the right at the bottom of the stairs. There is also a wood burning stove down here.

After walking through the house, with a more observing eye, we have noticed the little things that we will need to do to the house, like shampooing the carpet (big time), painting the walls & removing some wallpaper (I wish wallpaper would have never been invented), doing some major weeding (you can tell that the owners were having a hard time with the upkeep), and eventually removing some trees and overgrowth. The house is pretty good, it just needs a little "face lift".

These are just a few pictures to help everyone get a little "taste" of what our house looks like. We are keeping the ball rolling with the bank and we have an inspection scheduled for Monday, so hopefully everything will go as planned.

It will be nice to make this house our home. I think that once we can get things all cleaned up and in order, then we can focus on the details. It will be nice to have a home to call our own. Of course, it will just be my home until our wedding. But at least we will have a place to call ours.

Have a great weekend!

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