Thursday, August 14, 2008

64 days to go & Thank You's

I’m sorry that I’m not as good about posting as I was in the beginning. I haven’t had much to write about, and I’ve been super busy with work or going here or there. It seems like my schedule is more packed than ever before. I guess it is good though, it makes the time go fast.

Speaking of time, it is getting closer to the wedding. There are only 64 days left until the Wedding. It is crazy how fast time has gone. Last night I told Jeremy that we could get our marriage license any time after next Tuesday (Aug. 19) and he let out an ‘eek’ of disbelief. It is crazy to think that in about 2 months we will be getting married and starting our life together. It’s so close, but yet seems so far. But as me in a month and I might have a different opinion. I might be wishing for more time, time to finish things for the wedding.

Right now our wedding invitations are being printed. Once those are done then we will have to assemble them and stuff the envelopes. That will be a fun adventure, I’m sure. Maybe I’ll get lucky and get them back while Jeremy is on break from school, that way he might be able to help stuff the envelopes or something productive. He has been so busy with school that he has managed to get out of a lot of planning. But that’s okay too because most of the plans he doesn’t have much of an opinion on anyway, so rather than bug him, I can just move on with making the plans.

But more important than anything else, Jeremy & I wanted to tell everyone Thank You for everything we received at the shower. And for those of you who were able to make it to the shower, it was very nice to see you. I want to express my apologies if I didn’t get to talk to you and tell you thanks before you left. The shower was so much fun and Jeremy & I got so many amazing things. So again, Thank You!

Here are a few of the pictures that we managed to get from the shower:

I'll try to post a little more, but until next time. Have a great day!

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