Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Dress Shopping

This past Friday I made my first appointment to look for wedding dresses. I invited the bridesmaids, my mom and Jeremy’s mom to join us. It was rather overwhelming when I first walked in and looked at the room full of bridal gowns. You start to ask yourself, “Where do you begin?” It was fun though; we just started pulling things that seemed to match what I liked. Before long there was a dressing room full of dresses. I started to try on the different styles and look for the reactions of everyone. There was one particular dress that everyone loved, but I just wasn’t thrilled about. It was a little poofier than I wanted and it had the gathered material in the back, so many people have done dresses like that lately, I just wanted to stay away from that. After trying on a dozen or so dresses I found the dress I loved. It was beautiful! It was a fitted style like I was looking for, but will a little fullness at the bottom. The bodice was covered with silver beading that went across the chest and back to the left hip. It has a low v-back, which makes it look very elegant. Then I put the veil on. I wanted a longer veil, this one goes to about the back of the thigh and I plan on attaching it at the bottom of my head. The veil is beautiful, it matches the dress perfectly, and you would have thought that they were made to go together. I am so excited to wear the dress; this makes me so antsy for October to get here.

We were also able to find our bridesmaid dresses. They are a champagne color and will have a chocolate brown sash around the waist. (The picture shows a different color sash.) Unfortunately I was unable to find the color green that I really wanted, so we are going to compromise and have the girls carry green bouquets. I think that the dresses are really elegant; I know all of the girls will look beautiful in them.

I was also able to get an idea of what the guys tuxes will look like. They will all wear chocolate brown tuxes. Jeremy will wear an ivory colored vest and tie while all the groomsmen wear green vests and ties. So our green color will be tied in with everything.

Here is a vague idea of what everyone will look like the day of the wedding, just picture the guys in green vest not this blue color. It is bound to look beautiful.

We have also begun to accomplish allot of the beginning planning. We have a hall, church, cook, piano player and attire picked out. We are making the final decisions on a dj and photographer, which should be decided by the end of this week.

Current Tasks being Worked on:

Booking a DJ
  • Finding a Photographer
  • Reserving our Officiant(s)
  • Cake Ideas
  • If anyone as any suggestions for any of these topics, feel free to leave a comment.

    Thanks Again ~ Rachel


    April said...

    Hi, I was wondering can you tell me the company or maker of the bridesmaid's dresses? Thanks!

    Rachel & Jeremy said...

    Our bridesmaid's dresses are by Bill Levkoff. Here is the website: www.billlevkoff.com the dress style is 966. I hope that this helps!