Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Our Engagement Story

I'm not sure where to begin... Jeremy decided after much anticipation that Monday March 17, otherwise known as St. Patrick's Day, would be the day that he would finally propose. Our engagement wasn't anything extreme, but it was totally unexpected. So Jeremy was able to get his wish of surprising me.

How it happened, we had gone to my apartment after eating dinner at his house. There really wasn't much to do, so we just sort of sat around and watched a little TV. Earlier I had thrown some laundry into the washer and after the laundry was done I went to hang up some of the clothes to dry. After doing that, I went downstairs and I was going to sit down beside Jeremy, when he suddenly raised his hand, holding a ring, and said "Happy Saint Patrick's Day! Would you want to get hitched?" (I know, it was really romantic, but you just have to know Jeremy. I wouldn't have expected anything big and extravagant.) Of course I said Yes!

After that we went to visit my family and then Jeremy’s family. Everyone was surprised, happy and relieved that it finally happened, including me.

So with our wedding date set to October 18, 2008, we have 7 months, to the day, to plan. Now comes the craziness, I’m sure it will all be so much fun, crazy, but fun!

Enjoy the pictures of the ring:

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Little Miss Baker said...

beautiful ring! wow it's so gorgeous!!